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Boomer Confidence in Retirement?

A recent study by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) discussed the expectations of baby boomers and their retirement plans. In this study, the IRI shares how confidence in retirement preparation among boomers continues to decline, where one in five boomers do not have savings for retirement in 2014. However, there have been minor improvements to…

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What is Your IRA Exit Strategy?

The other day, someone who has been watching my TV show, Redefining Retirement, called our office and wanted to get a financial stress test.  They came into our office and shared their statements, showing they have around $1 million dollars in their IRA. One problem they did not consider is of that $1 million dollars,…

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Should You Be Avoiding Mutual Funds?

Do you have a personalized investment plan, or, like a lot of people, have you basically been sold a package of mutual funds?  You may have heard the rule of 100, where you take 100 minus your age and you get a certain percentage that you would have at risk.  The idea behind this rule…

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