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Is Your Estate Plan Up-to-Date?

Holidays tend to be the time of year, when you are surrounded by your loved ones, where most of you begin thinking about your legacy or estate planning goals. If something was to happen you, are your assets properly protected and correctly structured to go to the right people? Many times, people have an estate…

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5 Tips to Lower Your 2014 Taxes

As we approach the end of the year, it is a good time to review your current financial situation and utilize opportunities that may help you save money on your taxes. After December 31 this year, the number of tax-cutting opportunities decreases and many of the taxpayer-friendly provisions expired at the beginning of this year.…

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Tax Traps: Are You Protected?

Did you know the decisions you make now may have serious tax implications in the future? I am not aware of any individual who wants to give money to the IRS needlessly and this is why having an IRA exit strategy as part of your overall portfolio plan is crucial. What’s equally important is recognizing…

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