Don't File Away Your 2016 Tax Paperwork Until You Do This

Don’t File Away Your 2016 Tax Paperwork Until You Do This

By Cornerstone | May 17, 2017

This article was originally posted on Kiplinger   Tax planning 101: Take a close look at these six lines on your completed 2016 return. They could be clues to opportunities to save on your 2017 taxes. Now that tax season’s pretty much officially over, you’re probably happy to take your completed return and stuff it…

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Four Common Social Security Mistakes to Avoid

Four Common Social Security Mistakes to Avoid

By Cornerstone | May 16, 2017

Using simple math, I can show you that it makes sense to take your benefits early.  Using the same math, I can also show you that it makes sense to defer your benefits until age 70.  Here’s the point.  If your goal is to maximize your Social Security benefits, then it is vital to consider…

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Does Higher Risk Equate to Higher Returns?

By Cornerstone | May 3, 2017

Why does risk matter?  First, risk can be seen as the level of certainty, or uncertainty, that you will achieve a specific return over a period of time.  When moving toward retirement, common sense tells you that you should increase the level of predictability in your portfolio. Does higher risk equate to higher returns?  To…

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How Much Can I Realistically Withdraw From My Portfolio During Retirement?

By Cornerstone | April 18, 2017

In the retirement phase, the general concept has been to take 4 percent from your portfolio during the first year, and then increase that number with inflation.  However, with our currently low interest rate environment and increasing life expectancies, this “standard withdrawal rate” has come under greater scrutiny. In today’s low interest rate environment, studies…

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Tips for Tax Deduction & Credit Planning

By Cornerstone | March 9, 2017

Tax season is upon us, with the federal filing deadline approaching on Tuesday, April 18. As you prepare to file your taxes, we want to help you make the most of your available credits and deductions. After all, every dollar you do not spend on taxes is one you can potentially invest toward your financial…

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DOL Ruling Delayed?

By Cornerstone | February 9, 2017

As many of you are aware, the Department of Labor (DOL) has been working to implement a rule requiring all financial professionals who provide advice concerning retirement accounts to act as a fiduciary, which means putting your interests ahead of their own. The vast majority of the financial industry has been fighting to stop this…

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The Stock Market in Volatile Times

By Cornerstone | January 19, 2017

You’ve likely heard a few clichés when it comes to investing: stay the course; buy right and hold tight; time is more valuable than money; etc. The point is clear, if your investments align with your goals, timeline and risk tolerance, then there may be no reason to make changes to your portfolio when the…

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Retirement Matters

By Cornerstone | December 8, 2016

If you’re wondering how much of a Social Security payout you may receive, one number to keep in mind is 35. Your benefit is based on your 35 highest years of earnings. If you work less than 35 years, the calculation uses zero for your annual income in the years you’re short. Social Security benefits…

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Opposites Attract: Couple Finances

By Cornerstone Retirement | November 17, 2016

It’s very common for a married couple to have vastly different financial personalities. One may be frugal and the other a big spender. As we all know, money can be the source of some pretty big challenges in a relationship. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 73 percent of couples said their financial approach…

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Retiring Takes Effort

By Cornerstone Retirement | November 3, 2016

The first things that come to mind when thinking about retirement may be rest and relaxation, but before you reach that point, you need a financial strategy that can support your post-career plans. A recent study found many current retirees are worried about just making day-to-day expenses:1 The median annual income for married retirees is…

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