It can be difficult to make financial decisions without access to information.

Retirement Income Planning Checklist

Congratulations, it’s time to kick back and relax! Retirement should be a breeze – but are you financially prepared? Our Retirement Income Planning Checklist can help you understand what you can do to help make your retirement as relaxing is it should be. From health care to housing to inflation, we’ll take you through some things you should consider when planning how to distribute the wealth you’ve worked so hard to achieve – so you can focus on living the life you’ve always wanted.


Mutual Funds

Feel like it’s impossible to get a straight answer about mutual funds? Our Mutual Funds Report digs deep to explain the good, the bad, and the frustratingly-murky when it comes to these investment vehicles. Nearly one-half of all U.S. households invest in mutual funds[1]… are you one of them? If so, taking an unbiased look at the mutual fund as a product and at the industry as a whole is probably long overdue. Fortify yourself with key information that can help you to determine whether your money is where it should be.

[1] Statistic provided by Federal Reserve Mutual Funds and the US Equity Market Report


The Changing Story of Retirement

Retirement is not what it used to be. From traveling internationally to caring for loved ones, today’s retirees have a host of new financial factors to consider. Our complimentary guide to the Changing Story of Retirement breaks down the variables – Social Security, pensions, Medicare, and more – and helps give you valuable data on the new face of retirement. We’re living longer and living fuller. Do you know what that means for your financial future?

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The Effect of Interest Rates on Retirement Income

With the potential for a rising interest rate environment, the return on your fixed income investments may not be what you had hoped — possibly changing your perception of your future standard of living. And with retirement getting closer and closer, you may not have time to make up any losses to the income you were counting on using to do all that you had planned.


Tax Strategies for Retirement

Retirees can be affected by a variety of taxes — state income taxes, estate taxes and Social Security taxes, to name a few. But the most common tax — the one that all retirees will deal with — is the federal income tax. For this reason, we’ll focus primarily on the federal income tax and its effect on individuals planning for retirement, but be aware that all potential taxes need to be understood and planned for by those who hope to have a financially comfortable retirement.


The Social Security Decisions Report

Worried by the constant headlines suggesting your Social Security benefits could be in jeopardy? Today’s long, active retirements may mean your nest egg isn’t enough. It’s simply not enough to rely on Social Security for all your retirement needs in today’s economic climate. Our complimentary Social Security Decisions Report will walk you through strategies for efficient, timely activation of your benefits as well as help you evaluate other sources of retirement income like 401(k) plans, IRAs, annuities, and more. It’s the first step to feeling confident and comfortable about the future for you and your loved ones.

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